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Here at biosox we're dedicated to creating the ultimate in activewear socks to keep your feet comfortable and injury-free.  

Inspired by nature, all of our socks are based on the highest quality natural and environmentally sustainable yarns.

EcoHub Brands: Our Products

Socks derived from nature

Not only is our beechtree rayon-based yarn super-comfortable and high-performance, it also has great sustainability credentials and only uses Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood pulp.


Socks for all-day comfort

Not only is our bamboo rayon the softest around, but bamboo has added benefits of being naturally breathable, thermo-regulating and anti-bacterial.


The ultimate in sock performance

Our 65%+ merino wool socks are made with premium ultra-fine merino wool for a luxurious feel on top of all the other benefits offered by this amazing yarn.

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